Directions to 110 Coolidge Hill Rd. Unit 8 from the South

It can be a little confusing to get here, so here are some directions and pictures!

Picture 1: Since you’ll be coming from Roslindale, this is your most likely approach, the highlighted rout should be the easiest on our side of the river (easier, more sensible turns). After crossing the river, you’ll immediately turn right onto Greenough Blvd, then shortly take a left on to Grove St.

directions 1


Picture 2: You’ll follow Grove putting the historic Mt Auburn Cemetery on your right until you see a blue house which marks Coolidge Hill Rd. Turn left there.

directions 2


Picture 3: You’ll clime our hill a short ways, before the top you’ll see our beige development, ours is the second drive way (the one right after the mail boxes). We’re the last unit all the way down on the left. If you find yourself in a green development, you’ll have joined countless struggling delivery persons going one drive way too far. Let them know we don’t need the pizza anymore, then come back to the correct drive way.

directions 3


Bonus Picture: If you’re coming from Market / Leo M. Birmingham Pkwy, right before the bridge of the Charles get in the second lane from the left. They are both left turning lanes, but the second one will position you nicely to get on to Greenough Blvd.

directions bonus