Ground Study

I love lingering on details of the world, taking time to find little pockets of beauty in the otherwise familiar. On close inspection, you discover how transient our world is, be the effects day to day or season by season; the record of our actions: trees cut down, fresh pavement, litter, foot prints in snow, chalk drawings; geologic forces: river ways in miniature as melting snow carves out a path, a fossilized image of a leaf left in an old sidewalk, an old newspaper crushed in the winter snowpack revealed in spring. I challenged myself to find these things in a narrow frame, each of these images are printed at life size and meticulously recorded in time and place to reflect the record of change over time and the breadth of landscapes to be found even in a small city.

2011-02-13 08-37

2011-02-13 08-50

2011-02-17 08-23

2011-02-17 08-39

2011-02-21 07-04

2011-03-13 07-19

2013-08-10 09-57

2013-08-10 10-57

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2016-01-30 15-15